Gaming is my soul. Building games is my life.

  • Hello and welcome to my portfolio! My name Is Jur van Oerle, 26 years old and I study Game Development (orientation Game Technology) on the HogeSchool van Amsterdam (HvA). I find it very hard to choose between Technology and design and therefore tend to lean toward a hybrid of these two, with the accent on Technology.

    I have been working with a lot of programming languages and tools over the past few years (Java, Javascript, C, C#, C++, Flash, Unity, HTML, SQL/SOQL(SalesForce Object Query Language)) and am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge.

    I started out working with small Flash and Java games such as Pong duplications and platformers. Slowly but steadily, I started to learn the gimmicks of the trade. I crrawled my way through Unity games and C# projects and finally am now working on C and C++ projects and multi-threaded-programs.

    My main feature, I think, is the fact that I can work in most any project and be very involved, enthusiastic and work well with others. Once a project is starting to shape (it's concept is clear) I start seeing it as a child and can spend days and days working on it. I know that this is not always a feature and can indeed be a true burden but I have developed quite a immunity for this through some very sad moments of 'killing my darlings'.

    These are some of the projects that I have worked on over the course of my education. Unfortunately, many work was not portable to my portfolio and some work simply vanished, so I am afraid this is only a small piece of my work but I will update it whenever I have the chance. Give me a call sometimes. I am always looking for neat projects.